January 23, 2004

Time to get off CNE's case...

Today, OAS head of mission Fernando Jaramillo (pictured) said there is no basis for the skepticism surrounding CNE. He said the Carter Center/OAS mission has closely watched every part of the verification process so far, and it seems to be going well.

Given the mission's unparalleled access, impartiality, and international credibility, it's senseless to contradict them. The opposition should realize that it only undermines its own credibility if it keeps criticizing the agency at this point. If and when the observers say that CNE has gone off track, then our suspicions will have credibility.

Until that happens, better for the opposition to shut up.

Jaramillo also asked for similar, wide-ranging access in the upcoming, highly sensitive, parts of the verification process.

Let's hope they get it.