July 6, 2004

Major psychological issue... (Someone say something to the CD soon!

I've been feeling quite quite low these last few days (like many in the oppostion), and just understood why, and how the "son of their own mothers" (euphemism here) of the CNE are playing with our minds... You see, for over five years now we've been saying NO! to Chávez as strongly as we can. Like Pavlov's dogs, we are used to it! In fact, I still have a pin with the Venezuelan flag and a big NO on it, from the time they were running the campaign for the new constitution... So, now the campaign is officially started, I'm naturally inclined to say NO. I realized that yesterday, when I saw the Chaveco piece! That's why the aforesaid CNE members put the NO as first option! It's so obvious! So we need to change the chip, and fast. I hope someone in the blog with contacts on the CD passes this on to their campaign command, soon (Tuti, are you hearing me?). It's really urgent!