August 30, 2004

Return to Interactivity

One week ago, I pulled the plug on the simple "comments" feature due to the turn the discussions had taken...straight into the gutter. This week, thanks to the initiative of several readers, Caracas Chronicles returns to interactivity on a far fancier, moderated forum platform:

The new software is far more powerful and flexible than the old haloscan comments forum. Nueva-Venezuela has sections for debates in both English and Spanish. It requires you to register before posting, and it will make it much easier to nip abusive posting in the bud.

In the interest of the separation of powers, I will not moderate the discussion myself: longtime posters Pepe Mora and Gustavo Soto-Rosa will keep the peace. Pepe and Gustavo will work hard to keep the debate constructive and civilized: with any luck, the result will be vigorous discussion free from sterile ideological diatribes, personal attacks or party-line rants. Put another way, Pepe and Gustavo will have plenipotentiary authority to boot your ass out of the forum if you succomb to posting sterile ideological diatribes, personal attacks or party-line rants.

Scared yet? If you're not, click here to join the new moderated forum at