March 30, 2006

The chavista solution to barrio violence...more guns!

Finally, the Bolivarian government is starting to react to the epidemic of violence in Venezuela's slums. And what oh what is Caracas Mayor Juan Barreto planning to do about this terrible scourge? He wants to flood the barrios with decommissioned police guns!

No, really, I'm serious, that's his plan: take the old .38 caliber revolvers being decommissioned as the Metropolitan Police upgrades to 9 millimeter Glocks and distribute the older guns to reliably chavista barrio vigilante committees.

Hmmmm...have they really thought this one through? Guns aren't exactly hard to get in Caracas as it is. And it's not hard to guess that a good number of these .38s are going to end on the black market. If you boost supply like that, the price falls, making guns even easier for the bad guys to get.

How many Glock-toting cops are going to get shot with their old .38s by the time this little experiment is through?