August 2, 2006

Will the primaries go the way of Jorge's Audi?

Katy says: Several things from the news this morning that are worth commenting.

1. If it's bad to be rich, Jorge Rodríguez is one baaaaad MFer. Former CNE President Jorge Rodríguez totalled his brand-new Audi yesterday. The circumstances of the crash are not yet clear. However, it is known that Mr. Rodríguez was giving a ride to one of José Vicente Rangel's staff members. It is also known that Rodríguez was in the process of starting a news program in Chávez's TV station, Telesur. And finally, Chávez's vice-minister (and Rodriguez's sister) Delcy Rodríguez claims privately-owned Clínica El Ávila refused to give Rodríguez treatment, something the Clinic denies. We wish Rodríguez a speedy recovery. We always enjoy his public appearances, specially because it reminds us that, contrary to what the Constitution says, he has never been impartial in the political debate. We also hope he can buy himself another car that 99.5% of the Venezuelan population could never afford. Go Jorge!

(side note: Rodríguez managed to smash into yet another Audi - imagine that, things are going so well in Venezuela, that there is no space on Caracas' streets for so many Audis)

2. Confusing signs regarding the Primaries. Despite Súmate saying that everything is A-OK with the primaries, Julio Borges is announcing for the first time that he has doubts about the procedure. Negotiations between Borges, Petkoff and Rosales are ongoing, but one wonders if the primaries have the momentum to be carried out. Whatever the outcome, let's hope the resulting candidacy brings together all forces fighting toward the same objective. Unidad!