August 20, 2007

Chavismo hits new lows

Katy says: Peruvian portal has a story about victims of Peru's deadly earthquakes receiving canned gods labeled with political propaganda and slogans in favor of Chávez and defeated presidential candidate Ollanta Humala.

The labels on the cans (pictured above) read: "To face the looting, blockages, desperation and chaos (sic). Solidarity towards our compatriots."

It also reads: "In the face of the natural disaster that has struck Peru, and in particular our region Ica, the Peruvian Nationalist Party, along with our sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its leader Hugo Chavez and our leader Ollanta Humala, makes itself present because the Peruvian government acts in a slow, inefficient and heartless manner, not caring about the pain of the victims and leaving them suffering from hunger, thirst and theft."

PS.- Both the Venezuelan government and Humala's party deny being involved. I wonder if whoever sent these cans sent can-openers as well.