August 14, 2007

Scandals Generate Terrorism

Quico says: Sometimes, I feel like this blog has turned into a kind of masochistic hunt for the one chavista outrage so bizarre, so over-the-top, so plain in its authoritarian edge and its contempt for decency, that only the criminally insane could find any justification for it. But Carabobo State Governor Luis Felipe Acosta Carlés takes all the fun out of it. The hunt's just not a challenge if he serves 'em up on a platter like this:

Or like this one, ("inciting sex generates rape") which sets out to denounce the evils of showing pictures of cute girls in bikinis by...showing pictures of cute girls in bikinis:

[Added bonus: who do you think Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro blames for Maletagate? I'll give you three shots; first two don't count... give up?]