November 12, 2007

Top ten things we learned at the Iberoamerican Summit

Katy says:

10. This year's Summit was on "Social Cohesion", yet more proof that our leaders still have a sense of humor.

9. Today's fortune cookie: If you invite a crazy man to dinner, don't get mad when he takes a dump on your china.

8. New on DVD... European Royals Gone Wild!

7. Daniel Ortega proves once more that Nicaragua is the land where time stopped.

6. Chavista diplomacy: if we're not gonna talk about what I want, I'm gonna piss all over you.

5. You say Fascist, I say Chavist...

4. Had Angela Merkel been hostess, she would have hosed off the little punks.

3. The King can say goodbye to hanging with Naomi, Sean, Eva and the rest of the posse.

2. The reason he won't shut up is Tourette's Syndrome.

and... (drumroll)

1. The only country in IberoAmerica Chavez has not yet insulted is... Andorra!