January 23, 2008

Opposition agrees on...

Katy says: Today the opposition to Chavez signed an agreement on 10 points for the future of the country. The 10 points they committed to are:

1. Rescuing public institutions and respecting their autonomy
2. Respect for ideological plurality
3. Descentralization
4. Security, the defense of human life and the end to impunity
5. Respect for private property
6. Fighting against poverty
7. Education without ideology, respect of the freedom to teach and autonomy in universities
8. Foreign policy based on solidarity with neighboring countries and a return to the Andean Community
9. Institutionalization of the Armed Forces
10. Unity to reach changes

Here are my first takes on this:
a) Everything seems awfully vague, so its long-term effects - aside from the effect it may have on public opinion - may not be important.
b) Who was the genius that thought that the first word in the agreement should be "rescue"? Probably some adeco.
c) Weird that the Andean Community is mentioned, weird that solidarity with neighboring countries should be in there given that people are fed up with Presidential "gifts". Perhaps they meant solidarity with Uribe.
d) Where's their oil policy?

Anyway, it is what it is. Not much else in there to quibble about.