March 14, 2008

Keller says

Quico says: Keller's first quarter poll slides are making the rounds, and I took the liberty of translating the most interesting one below. (Click to enlarge:)

In other results, Keller finds that scarcity has jumped up into the top four problems cited by poll respondents: 13% now say it's their biggest problem, compared to just 6% in the last quarter of '07.

Scarcity is now mentioned by one percent more people than "unemployment" which has traditionally slugged it out with "crime" for the top spot in Venezuelans' worry list, but is now down to fourth. These days, Crime is clearly top dog with 34% of first mentions, double the 16% who cited the "cost of living" - which is poll-code for inflation.

Finally, Keller now classes 37% of respondents as broadly chavista, 41% as broadly opposition minded, and the remaining 22% as "neutrals": though, of course, those numbers are highly sensitive to polling methodology and your definition of where exactly the line between "neutrals" and partisans lie.