May 28, 2008

Lateinamerika Analysen - sehr gut!

Quico says: Considering my Ph.D. work has nothing at all to do with Venezuela, it's slightly disconcerting that my first academic publication does: this week, my standard rant about the emptiness of Venezuela's debate about Freedom of Expression and the bankruptcy of chavismo's claim to represent a clean break with the past somehow made it past peer review! Co-written with my friend Sacha Feinman, you can pick it up all decked out in Academic garb in the latest issue of Lateinamerika Analysen, a journal published by Hamburg University's German Institute for Global Area Studies.

Unfortunately, these guys don't put full texts online, so you'll have to dig up an actual copy of the journal to read it. You shouldn't have any trouble locating our piece, though: it's the one right before Allan Brewer-Carías densely argued legal tract explaining why the 1999 Constituent Assembly was a protracted coup d'état.