May 15, 2008

They're real ... and they're spectacular

Katy says: - Well, Interpol confirmed what everyone already knew: that the three laptops, three USB drives and two portable hard drives the Colombian government claims belonged to the late Raúl Reyes are in fact his, and the files they contain have not been tampered with.

Interpol, a respected, impartial institution, is basically putting its reputation on the line. It said the Colombian government had not altered the information, and that the files they have already made public do indeed come from Reyes' computers. They have expressed a desire to talk to the Venezuelan and Ecuadorean governments and explain the technical work they did, but so far they have not been invited. You can access their report here.

The sheer size of the evidence is staggering: 37,872 text documents, 452 spreadsheets, 210,888 images, 10,537 multimedia files, 7,989 e-mail addresses and 22,481 webpages. All in all, a whopping 610 gigabytes of information.

Kind of makes you wish the Colombian government put all this stuff online. Could you imagine? Accessing Reyes' world-famous ajiaco recipe, or verifying whether Reyes ever read Caracas Chronicles? The possibilities are endless.

This should be an interesting summit coming up.