August 27, 2008

Un Nuevo Tiempo-am-Web


Updatedness: 18 out of 20.
Updated almost daily, the site is definitely looked after.

Interaction possibilities: 11 out of 20.
A quick sign-up allows you to register and participate in a Forum, however the forum doesn't seem to be very active. There's no simple way to sign up as a party member, volunteer, or to donate money.

Meaningful positions: 11 out of 20
We get a clear, full throated defense of liberal democracy coupled to a strong rejection of the authoritarianism that hides behind calls for radical democracy.
En Venezuela, la futura democracia política deberá abarcar: una soberanía popular sin interferencias autoritarias, una auténtica tolerancia pluralista, la eliminación de dogmas ideológicos oficiales, la separación y descentralización de los poderes públicos y la independencia de la judicatura, la institucionalidad de la fuerza armada, la garantía de la seguridad personal y publica, la lucha contra la corrupción, como iniciativas imprescindibles para la existencia del Estado de Derecho. Un Estado de Derecho y de Justicia, donde impere la Ley y se respeten los acuerdos y contratos, donde el sistema de administración de justicia sea transparente y eficaz, es además el mejor piso para impulsar nuestro proyecto de desarrollo justo, equitativo y centrado en el ser humano.
On less abstract matters, the document descends into platitudes.

Web-Design: 13 out of 20.
The web design looks expensive, and there's certainly a lot of content, but there's also a hell of a lot of clutter, too many distracting moving graphics, and just too many colors.

Contact information: 7 out of 10
You get a general contact link and a press contact link. UNT gets special kudos for making their internal organization chart available, but loses points for not telling us how to contact the people in it.

Local Goodness: 9 out of 10.
A very cool Regions' Map guides you directly to locally relevant info. A few local politicians host blogs about what they're up to.

The Verdict: 69 out of 100.
A good, strong website, clearly looked after and fuzzed over, that doesn't quite dare to ask its readers to do something for the party or the country.