August 26, 2009

You Can't Quit, You're Fired!

Quico says: Leopoldo López just got kicked out of UNT. Kicked out. Of UNT. Swirl that around in your brain for a bit. It's really crazy.

I don't know the exact circumstances that led up to this. I would guess this was a pre-emptive expulsion, meant to take the sting out of his imminent storming out. One way or another, one thing's clear: the guy's earning himself a bit of a reputation as, erm, not a team player. Prima donnaish and caudillesque in a deep way only superficially papered over by the technocratic shtick, LL is quickly earning, on the right, the moniker Guillermo García Ponce kept for so long on the left: General de División.

Note: Latest reports are that this story is not true. I'm as confused as you.