September 14, 2009

Occam's Razor and the Opposition to LOE

Quico says: The Education Ministry's byzantine conspiracy theories about the real reasons the opposition is upset at the new Framework Law on Education would be easier to swallow if it wasn't for the mountains evidence hiding in plain sight to explain why people are jittery about the government's handling of schools. Rather than carp on emails that are plain old made up, shouldn't MinPoPoEdu have a look at this press release, put out by the government's own press agency, touting president Chávez's plan to distribute El Correo del Orinoco to every school in the country?

Lets get it straight: the newly relaunched Correo del Orinoco is journalism in the best tradition of Granma, Juventud Rebelde and the old-style Pravda: a governing party mouthpiece dedicated almost entirely to aggressively peddling chavista propaganda.

It's not just that Chávez want to use state funds to distribute political propaganda to the nation's school children - a move that's illegal on several counts, including the same type of misuse of public monies that used to get Venezuelan presidents removed from office - it's that he actually brags about it in public.

Estimadísimos señores del MinPoPoEdu, trust us, there really is no reason to go searching for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth legs on this particular cat.

The reason LOE alarms us is posted on ABN's website.