October 9, 2006

Open thread on "the avalanche"

Katy says: Manuel Rosales held a big rally in Caracas over the weekend, called "The Avalanche." I could not follow it since weekends are generally bad for me, but I did want to leave a post so people could comment on it.

Our fellow bloggers Daniel, Miguel, Alek and many others have a lot of information on the rally, some of it first-hand.

My favorite part about the event was that Rosales got up there surrounded by his wife, his kids and his baby. No old-time politicians, no military goons, no Fidel, No Evo, No Eva - just a guy, and his family, and hundreds of thousands. Kind of a refreshing photo-op, don't you think?

What do you make of this event? Do you have personal experiences to share?

PS.- Thanks to loyal reader captainccs for the picture below.