March 13, 2006

Excellence in polling methodology...

 How do you consider Venezuelan democracy? 
 With much uncertainty 

 With uncertainty 

 With medium uncertainty 

 Without uncertainty 

 With no uncertainty 

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(I swear this is not a malicious translation - the original question in Spanish is just as weirdly, what the hell is the difference between "sin incertidumbre" and "con nada de incertidumbre"?! What kind of baboon structures a poll response this way?)

 How do you consider President Chavez's policy to foster cooperatives to counterbalance monopolistic neoliberal enterprises? 





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(Good thing that's not a leading question, huh?)

 How do you qualify Venezuelan democracy today? 
 Very revolutionary 


 With characteristics of both 

 Conservative (Puntofijista) 

 Very conservative (Very puntofijista) 


Current results

And to think they say NAOR's polling isn't professional!

(Sorry, no idea why the spacing got so screwed up...)