November 24, 2008

Carajo, No Escrutan!

Quico says: Friggin' CNE! I shouldn't be surprised by now, but after making such a big to-do about how the voting system is 100% electronic this time around, is there any reason why we're still waiting for results? And not just details...important posts like mayor of Maracay, Valencia and Parapara are still not up on their results website. Do electrons travel slower in Valencia than in Maracaibo?

Puzzle me this: if you click on Aragua State's Girardot Municipality (a.k.a., Maracay), you can get detailed results for the governor's race, but nothing at all for the mayor's race! What sense does that make? Same voting centers, same voters, same machines, same transmission...THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE THE DATA! Why won't they give it up?!

Last year, on 2D, the delays were merely annoying - with the added bonus of feeding the conspiratorial fantasies of those so-inclined (I plead guilty, your honor). This year, though, real people all over the country are sitting around wondering if, come next year, they'll be mayor, assembly-member, or unemployed.

How many hundreds of millions of dollars did we spend on this boondoggle again?! For how many election cycles in a row can Tibisay Lucena get away with first telling us we have the best, most reliable, high-tech and fastest electoral system in the world and then sitting on results for hours (or days or weeks or months) on end after they've come in?