July 21, 2009

RSF on the Media onslaught

Quico says: Reporters Without Borders today warned of the dangers of legal changes announced by the Venezuelan government in the past few weeks with the sole aim of punishing media taking an editorial stance contrary to government aims. Fun quotes after the break...

“Does the Bolivarian government seriously believe there will be general acceptance of its policy of obstructing or censoring media that are not compliant enough for its liking?” the worldwide press freedom organisation asked. “Does it really think its citizens are not sufficiently adult to form their own opinions?

“These legal manoeuvres are supposed to ‘protect the mental health’ of the people. Regulations and laws changed or reinterpreted by a government to impose what it sees as the only possible media truth are just the instruments of an ideological crusade that is already well under way”, it said.

“We urge the government to shelve steps contrary to fundamental constitutional principles and inter-American jurisprudence on freedom of expression.”, it concluded.

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