March 16, 2004

CNE's Jorge Rodríguez: The Supreme Tribunal Made Two Decisions

CNE key member Jorge Rodríguez says there are two contradictory decisions from the Supreme Tribunal (lie #101 - the sala constitucional decision is not an official ruling but rather a letter from the 3-judge majority) but - surprise! - makes it clear they will follow the Sala Constitucional. He calls on the Sala Constitucional to guide CNE as to what to do next.

I guess I'm virtually alone in the opposition in not seeing Jorge as a 100% pliable government stooge, so I take his parting comment seriously: "Given that the judicial route is the slowest of all the routes available," he says, "and everyone knows this, I wonder why it is that we are going down the judicial route."

Still, put in other words, "no acatamos un carajo..."