June 22, 2004

Breaking News: Arrieche will be Arrecho tonight

According to informal sources within the TSJ, Franklin Arrieche's "Amparo Constitucional" from the 'administrative' act that removed him from office fro supposedly having cheated in his application to the post of TSJ magistrate was declared non-applicable by the Constitutional Hall of the TSJ.

The "Ponencia" was penned by Jesús Delgado Ocando and approved with the vote of Iván Rincón's deputy, Magistrate Carmen Zuleta. The other approving Judge was Jesus Eduardo Cabrera.

In approving this ponencia which denies Arrieche's constitutional rights, they have in effect discovered a new law doctrine: Law is applied retroactively EVEN if it is, as it is in this case, applied in detriment of the individual. Thus, a political part with a 2 person majority can in effect remove any one Magistrate they don't like. Call it Legal Science-Fiction, I call it pure fascism.