June 4, 2006

Anatomy of a Scoundrel...

The more folks look into it, the longer Julio Makarem's "rabo'e'paja" looks. You know who I'm talking about...Mr. Makarem, chairman of that most respectable polling firm North American Opinion Research, he of the Humala-will-beat-Alan-Garcia-by-18-points poll, the very same two-bit would-be intimidator of Venezuela's English-language blogosphere, our ever-popular alleged Belkys Cedeño gopher and shady Petrotulsa/Vatramafia influence-peddler extraordinaire...well, according to the Diccionario de la Corrupción en Venezuela, Volume III, the guy was indicted way back in 1989 for his role in a complicated scam to bilk millions of subsidized dollars out of Recadi. He fled the country to avoid trial.

Una joyita, el tipo.