August 26, 2008

PSUV-upon-Web - UPDATE

UPDATE/WARNING: The website described below apparently contains some nasty malware. Be sure you have updated anti-virus software before clicking on it.


Fun cybersquatter: (Partnership Society for USA and Venezuela)

Updatedness 0 out of 20: A bunch of PDF files from 2006 and 2007.

Interaction possibilities: 0 out of 20.
The site is totally static.

Meaningful positions: 4 out of 20.
More or less what you'd expect from the Chávez cult-of-personality party. You get jewels such as,
Hemos odo [sic] lamentablemente voceros y no precisamente de la oposicin[sic], diciendo que estn[sic] de acuerdo con el pensamiento nico[sic] y quin ha hablado de eso? Nadi [sic] hablado [sic] del pensamiento nico, [sic] `no! pensamientos de lo ms diverso, flexibilidad, amplitu [sic] visin [sic] holstica [sic] integral, sistmica [sic]; es una nueva conformacin. [sic]
Web-Design: 6 out of 20.
Red, very red. Mismatched fonts. Designed for tiny screens only. Image of Chávez faces the outside of the window.

Contact information: 7 out of 20.
You get a toll free number (0-800-PSUV-000), and a single email that, alarmingly, has the date 2007 slapped on it:

Local Goodness: 1 out of 10.
A few region-specific documents, but like everything else, they're years out of date.

The Verdict: 18 out of 100.
PSUV's website bears all the hallmarks of a site nobody really thought through, nobody really updates and nobody really uses on a regular basis. Two year old content. No meaningful chances for interaction. About as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.