February 16, 2009

More Excel Fun

Quico says: Interestingly, last night was, in a way, the opposition's best result ever: 5 million votes is well more than had ever voted for our side before, while 6 million votes is 1.2 million below chavismo's high water mark. (And the Grammy for grasping at straws for good news goes to...)

Both sides increased their vote tallies relative to 2007. It's just that chavismo increased its tallies much more than we did.

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We actually got less votes than last time in six states (Aragua, Cojedes, Delta, Guarico, Portuguesa and Sucre) - that only happened to chavismo in one place - Táchira. But chavismo had strong gains in much of the rest of the country, and positively slaughtered us in places like Aragua, which went from pretty red to deepest crimson. Our best states, in terms of improvement from last time, were Táchira and Anzoátegui.

Chavismo's were Amazonas, the Delta, where nobody lives, and Portuguesa, where they shredded us.