May 7, 2009

Les Misérables

Juan Cristobal says: - This from the Annals of Dadaist Dictatorship Chronicles:

Two bakers in the city of Guanare, in central Venezuela, were arraigned today. Their crime? Selling bread for a price higher than the regulated price.

Noticias 24 reports that Lucitano Da Conceicao Pereira and Wu Guang Quan were caught selling loaves of sandwich bread at BsF 6 (US$0.92 at market rates) when the maximum legal price, arbitrarily set by the government, is BsF 5.30 (US$0.81).

They are being charged with speculating, a crime described in the Law for Defending People's Access to Goods and Services.

Going to jail for a loaf of bread - where do chavistas get this stuff?