June 15, 2009

Chavista Hopes Die Hard

Quico says: Last year, these posters blatantly politicizing Venezuela's olympic team made a bit of a splash in the opposition media - especially after the government's brazen stunt catastrophically backfired when "the sporting revolution" failed to bring home a single gold medal from Beijing.

So much for that, I thought. One more petty official idiocy come, gone and forgotten...

Except that, almost one year on, the posters are still up! Bizarrely, they're plastered all over Caracas Metro stations even now. And we're not talking one or two posters the apparatchiks forgot to bring down, mind you: there're dozens of them, in high visibility places, throughout the Metro network.

What's the thinking here? Is the idea that, with just that extra little bit of encouragement, these guys still have a shot at some of those gold medals? What gives!?

...then again, all of the advertising in the Metro these days is political propaganda. As in, literally 100% of it. So, realistically, the alternative to these preposterous Beijing posters is just more mindless boosterism for the world's most expensive Cable Car.