September 27, 2010

Back on Blogger - CANTV will not link to Wordpress Blogs

We're back on Blogger out of sheer desperation. Wordpress is inaccessible from Venezuelan CANTV servers. (What is this friggin' Iran?!) My post from earlier today:

My tally from CNE's first set of official results has the government winning 5,400,132 to the MUD's 5,311,552 in the list vote - bringing in PPT and other minor parties)

Ignore all others, and in the two-way match-up between PSUV and MUD, the government had 50.41% of the vote and the opposition had 49.59% of the vote.

Oh, and plug 49.59% into our Legislative Election Forecasting Tool and it predicts 66 seats for the opposition. So far, the CNE is giving us 61 seats, with seven seats still to be declared. If we get 3 of those, I'll have at least won the Reto Puzkas.

In relative terms, we beat our target in in Barinas, Carabobo, Miranda, but fell short everywhere else.