March 11, 2004

Guess the author

Sometimes, I like to clip the newspapers, cutting out references made by the President and his ministers against the opposition, the generalized attacks against the business sector, the disrespectful phrases, and even the insults they let out, and I really believe there is no precedent for this in our country...

Practically no one in the country is excluded from official aggressiveness. On the one hand towards institutions and on the other towards people, groups, professional associations, etc.

It bears pointing out that as the crisis deepens and the official failure increases, official aggressiveness also increases. From this point of view, what happens does have an explanation. I mean it does have a political explanation. The government is sinking, as as happens to all who are caught in quicksand, the effort consists in thrashing about even more, which only makes you sink quicker...

Picking fights doesn't pay. Especially for governments. Because citizens elect their governments not to promote fights and waste their time in minor confrontations, but to work for all.

So, can you guess who wrote it? Click here for the awful truth.