March 8, 2004

High politics as a Monty Python skit

Even The Guardian is joining in on the fun. This one is pure Chavez as Joselo. Well, as an autocratic, power-mad lying Joselo, anyway...

CARACAS, Venezuela - A man President Hugo Chavez claimed was dead begs to differ with the Venezuelan leader. ``I'm not dead. I'm alive and kicking,'' 61-year-old Emiliano Chavez Rosales said in comments published Monday by El Universal newspaper.

Chavez Rosales also said he signed a petition for a vote to recall the president, who alleged the signature was bogus during a speech to foreign ambassadors on Friday.

``I'm sure Emiliano Chavez doesn't exist,'' the president said, holding up a copy of the petition form. He pointed to an identification number accompanying the signature - No. 2,550,083 - saying it belonged to a dead woman.

There's even more...