May 31, 2007

Say wha?

Katy says: Notes from the nonsensical revolution:

- Interior Minister Pedro Carreño says, in a press conference for the ages, that people have a right to protest but that the State has to protect people's rights to circulate and enjoy their private property, because we all know that this a government that has always respected private property (in those rare occasions when it isn't trying to abolish it).

- In the same press briefing, he asked for proof that police forces had used excessive force, and stated that students were led to protest by the "owners" of private universities who are afraid of losing their market share thanks to Chávez's recent announcement to open 24 new universities. Memo to the Minister: we've seen the quality of education in chavista universities. I think private university owners have nothing to fear.

- To top it all off, the Carter Center put out a communiqué expressing concern over freedom of speech and, get this, the danger of self-censorship! But did Carter voice those concerns during his meeting with Chávez and Gustavo Cisneros, you know, the one they had right before Venevisión mysteriously stopped criticizing the government? Hmmmmm...

Es que algunos las tienen cuadradas.