December 7, 2007

Belarusian Tinned Stew, anyone?

Quico says: Hugo Chávez never met a dictator he didn't love, so he'll have been delighted to welcome Europe's last to Caracas last night. Maybe Chávez wants some tips on how to win his next referendum to abolish presidential term limits: when Lukashenko had his back in 2004, he stuffed ballots to the tune of 79.4% in favor of Sí (or, I guess, Так).

Lukashenko's priorities for the trip are, one suspects, rather different. Speaking to journalists in Minsk last week, he said there are "good" opportunities for delivering Belarusian goods to Venezuela.

"There is money in Venezuela. We should offer goods," Lukashenko said, adding that it was noted in his personal contacts with Chávez that Venezuela is ready to buy "almost anything Belarus offers for sale." (!!)

That list includes, apparently, Belarusian Tinned Stew. De-lish!

This trip is, quite literally, un guiso.