August 31, 2008

Copei Digital


Updatedness: 5 out of 20.
"Noticias actuales" from May. A separate "National Blog" is updated about once every 3 days.

Interaction possibilities: 11 out of 20.
You get a way to sign up as a party member or renew your membership, but the website is designed more to harvest information from you than to give you a way to interact with the party.

Meaningful positions: 10 out of 20.
A very abstract "Quienes Somos" page cranks out the obligatory Catholic Social Doctrine noises.

Web-Design: 9 out of 20.
Another glorified blog, but not a very nice looking one, with tons of links that lead you nowhere.

Contact information: 3 out of 10
A form quizzes you extensively but doesn't tell you where your email will end up. On the plus side, Caracas phone numbers are displayed prominently on the home page.

Local Goodness: 3 out of 10
If you live in Anzoátegui, Carabobo or Táchira, you get out-of-date blogs. If you don't, you don't even get that. You do get the names of local party officials, but not a way to get in touch with them.

The Verdict: 42 out of 100.
The site is terribly concerned to nail down Copei's rebranding as "Copei Partido Popular". But, when you get down to it, it's just another website that might not be too bad if somebody, anybody, would just give it a bit of TLC.