September 2, 2008

Stragglers, personal vehicles and a bit of nostalgia

...a shocking number of "parties" have no website to speak of. Podemos, Proyecto Venezuela, Causa R, UPV (Lina Ron's vehicle), Venezuela de Primera, URD, MIN and MAS, have either just a placeholder or nothing at all.

Alianza Bravo Pueblo and Comando Nacional de la Resistencia have Blogs masquerading as party websites. Both look very much like Ledezma vehicles. The CNR blog at least gets updated regularly, ABP's, not even.

Bandera Roja also operates a glorified blog, which is not entirely inactive, but hardly a hotbed of digital activism either.

From there on out, it only gets weirder. Convergencia has a website that's more like a cyber-shrine to Rafael Caldera than a party website. In a weird way, it's still more substantive than many other party websites, as you can download the full texts of a number of Dr. Caldera's books in PDF form.

Good to know for those of us who battle chronic insomnia.