August 18, 2006

A parting thought for the weekend, courtesy of Yasuri Yamileth

Katy says: The singer of the reggaeton-du-jour Yasuri Yamileth (aka Panamanian songstress Catherine Severino, not the girl in the video btw) is in Caracas, and the "in" crowd held a bash for her. The petro-dollars come and go, but the joi-de-vivre remains the same.

Can this be a country on the cusp of total cubanization?

Can any self-respecting revolution allow this kind of behavior? You don't see this stuff in Minsk, Havanna or Tehran...

Is "bochinche, bochinche, bochinche" our only real political movement?

'Til Monday. Behave folks, if not ... les saco la Yilé.