July 22, 2009

All in a week's work

Juan Cristóbal says: - You gotta hand it to the workers of Guayana. Following a few days worth of protests, the government relented without much of a fight and, today, announced it was going to pony up $400 million for the struggling, state-owned aluminum industry.

That's right: $400 million. That's $16 for every man, woman and child in Venezuela. So if you're living right along the poverty line and you have a wife and four kids, your total share of the CVG bailout (por ahora) is roughly $96, or BsF. 630 at black market rates. And what do you get out of that? Free supplies of aluminum foil for the rest of your life? Nah - a few months of peace and quiet before the struggling companies ask for even more money.

Hats off to the union leaders for pulling off such a scam.

Post 57 of 100 ... CVG stands for Chavistas Vividores a lo Grande.