July 20, 2009

Why on earth would you want to write 100 posts in five days?

Quico says: What follows over the next few days is an experiment: a shot at re-imagining what Caracas Chronicles might be like under a different, more Andrew Sullivanesque publishing schedule. Going Sullivan would entail more or less reversing the way I typically do business. Normally, I read through the papers looking for one or two interesting stories I might write something substantive about, and launch into it. If you've ever read Sullivan's amazing blog you know he stands that model more or less on its head, writing just a note or two about almost everything even marginally interesting he reads online.

As a result, reading The Daily Dish is a little bit like being invited to eavesdrop into the guy's brain. You get it all. You get it all. You get it all. And you get it now.

I think it's a fascinating, possibly trail-blazing model. It may not be the best thing for one's mental health to try to emulate it, but then, that's what the mental health breaks are for.

One last thing: one reason Sullivan's blog works so well is that he has an army of readers pitching him links via email for him to trawl through. So don't be stingy with interesting stuff you find online. I need it!

Post 1 out of 100. Here we go.