July 20, 2009

Promoting gay marriage and homophobia...in one go!

Juan Cristóbal says: This video of National Assembly speaker Cilia Flores in full-attack mode packs a wallop. It shows the under-appreciated Flores promoting a motion to censure Venezuela's Catholic hierarchy for - surprise, surprise - opposing same-sex civil unions in Venezuela. The twist? Her stirring defense of gay civil rights comes bathed in a sinewy batter of homophobia.

It's her tone that's really remarkable. Not only does she (without basis) say that the Church is aligning itself with "the political opposition" and "Venezuela's ultra-right wing" (whoever that is), she goes on to say that they are fighting for gay rights "so that the bishops in the hierarchy, who are no saints, can also have the right to marry."

In other words - "take that, faggot priests!"

Gay marriage should be the subject of a civilized debate. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, demeaning the other side is simply not conducive to a consensus. Promoting homophobic epithets while fighting for gay rights - well that's just schizophrenic. And promoting gay rights while at the same time denying you're doing so - well that's just chavista.

But I guess it's in the ad-hominem gutter of political discussion where Cilia Flores appears to be most comfortable, so let's not blame her too much. It's too much to ask her for a civilized debate.

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