July 23, 2009

The Dog that Didn't FARC

Quico says: Simón Romero's take in today's New York Times on the gasket Chávez blew when he heard about the new US-Colombia military agreement gets a "could do better" from this blog. The article mentions FARC all of once, in the context of Uribe bombing their camp in Ecuador last year. But nothing in the strategic ménage-à-quatre that is the Venezuela-Colombia-FARC-US relationship makes any sense if you leave out little details like the fact that Tirofijo quite literally went to his grave a-referring to Huguito as "el amigo Chávez" and b-acknowledging the Colombian government - and, by implication, the US - knew all the detail about FARC's relationship with Venezuela.

And sure, I know all about the terrors of an absurd word-limit. But c'mon...

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