July 22, 2009

Censoring the Latifundists of the Steelmill

Quico says: TalCual leads today with an even-more-stomach-turning-than-average case of censorship. Because we're not talking about censorship against the "latifundists of the airwaves" anymore, but instead against the steelworkers of Guayana. Yesterday, at the end of an emotional union meeting where SIDOR's workers complained bitterly about the deteriorating safety conditions that have seen six of their colleagues die in industrial accidents in the last 10 months, the National Guard forcibly searched all the journalists who attended and seized as many photos, recordings and videos as they could.

Of course, in this day and age when everybody and his cat in Venezuela owns a Blackberry, it was a hopeless exercise, and images like the one above still got out. More than a real attempt to impound the compromising material, what the Guardia did was a rank exercise in intimidation.

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